this is me trying to be a 'philosophizer'...haha. a little dodgeball movie quote there. there's a trend a-brewin' here. it might be hinting something about my personal status and state of mind right now. ha.

anyway, another trend that i'm starting to show...hopefully successfully is my desire to integrate humor. i like it that way.

now this section...is me talking to...myself. so you don't to read any further because it might not be so interesting.
this is the beginning of my attempt to introduce color to my comics. i'm keeping it simple...because that usually means quick. one...maybe two...at the most maybe three colors. four if i'm really being bold. anyway when i get an idea i like to get it on paper quickly before i forget...lose interest on the idea...or gets archived in the back of my brain and i wouldn't know when i'll get to it again...if ever.

so speed. that's the name of the game. i am jealous of others that could spent a ton of time and energy on creating a 'masterpiece'. i'm trying to cultivate that patience within me and see if i could do something that requires more time than my quick works. we'll see.

so much for talking to myself...it sounds like i'm talking to crowd...a crowd of my different personalities. ha. weird.

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