art hop 2009

checked out the art hop in burlington, vt yesterday. preetty cool. walked around for a few hours, got a good feel of the local art and artist. i talked to a few of them and i really enjoyed it. it was a good range of professionals, people who do it as a hobby...but as a serious hobby. when i see, be surrounded, and interact with other artist...i become really inspired. i took some flyers, some info in the hopes that i would get involved in something. as of right now i'm looking into drawing people. i've always been fascinated with the human body and whatever people do. it explains my finding enjoyment with people watching. i hope i'm not starting to sound like a creepo. haha.

i've also been slowly forcing myself to do more and more comic strips. i was doing well with it earlier in the year. i was able to do about 2-3 strips per week. i've been out of touch with it the past couple of months...much had to do with me moving to a new state and a new job. i'm finally feeling like i'm settling down enough where i can find new things to make be busy again. which i think is a good thing.

well here is my first attempt to a more active me...reaching into my old of sketching and designer sneakers. it took me about 10 minutes to draw. just trying to get the juices flowing again. try not to do too much. i like it.

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