the highline

the visit to the highline in NYC was cool and some parts of it a little crazy. headed down from burlington on friday and met with timmy in MA. we went to dan's house in NJ.
anyway the highline was very impressive. it was details galore. i paid a little more attention on the paving, the sweet benches, and railings. the planting was so-so. i'm a big fan of the grass/meadow but as a whole it could be better in my opinion.
there were a lot of people. too much for me to enjoy the place. it's good though, seeing all this interest and use. i'd like to check it out sometime and hopefully there's less traffic. speaking of traffic, the tragic plane/helicopter accident occurred when we were at the highline. we could see the accident site from our location.
anyway it was great. i'm sure i'll be adding to this down the road when i get to explore it more thoroughly. also it is only 1/3 of the way done.
oh can't forget to mention about the free sex shows happening from the hotel...can't remember the name right now. haha. people.

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